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The Critical Tale of Major Incidents

The Exigence platform addresses multiple types of incidents, including those relating to technology operations, security, and for drills and business continuity tests – and, always with the same level of orchestration prowess and exceptional process efficiency. 

A SaaS Company Takes 

Control of Critical Incidents 

Making Critical Incidents a Learning Experience

A billion dollar SaaS-based learning services company had experienced an application outage that impacted tens of thousands of users.


Needless to say – this was a critical incident. 


The company’s process to date had required 30 minutes from opening a P1 incident to establishing a bridge.
Then, once onboarded - each relevant stakeholder, both internal and external, would come in with their own process, contacts, bridges, and tools. Moreover, different teams were working on solving the same issue, at the same time, without any alignment. Ensuring clarity and alignment was impossible.


What this SaaS company needed was to take control with a clear process and unified interface for managing critical incidents with clarity, structure, and speed.

A Higher Education with Exigence

The Exigence platform was selected to bring order. 


This company is now leveraging the Exigence Situation Room as a virtual meeting space for collaboration among cross-organizational teams as well as with external service providers, enabling teams to continue to use their favorite tools through seamless integration, i.e. ServiceNow, Slack, and WebEx. 


This way everyone is always on the same page, roles and responsibilities are clear, outstanding tasks are visible to all, managers are continually and automatically updated, and everything is always documented in the incident timeline.


And the results? No less than remarkable. 

Now it takes only 1 minute (vs. 30!) to get everyone aligned and on the same page, working together effectively and efficiently to resolve an incident.

A Financial Services Company

Drives Business Continuity 

From Visibility to Improved Processes

A financial services organization was looking to streamline how it manages the critical incidents that hit their customer facing solutions, apps, and platforms.


In addition, they also wanted to be more efficient and effective in how they conduct and document business continuity planning (BCP) tests. They were seeking visibility for reviewing operational procedures after a pandemic or cyberattack alert has been issued, so they can observe team performance, and be able to arrive at informed conclusions on how to improve corrective processes.

A Familiar Situation (Room)

The organization selected Exigence, integrating it with Zoom, Slack, and New Relic. It is leveraging the Exigence Situation Room’s unified interface for incident command and control, collaboration, situation analysis, and reporting. 


The business continuity planning team runs the entire scenario through the Exigence platform, where the Situation Room automatically onboards and aligns all relevant stakeholders, automates reporting, and enables each test and incident to be documented with unprecedented ease.

Cloud-based Services Company
Reinvents Cyber Incident Response

Under Constant Attack

From denial of service to phishing attempts and attacks on web apps, today’s cyber threats are many, sophisticated, and constant.


The CISO of one cloud-based services company was looking to improve the way cyber incidents were managed, to accelerate the time it takes to understand whether a security alert requires action or investigation, and – if requiring action – to gather the team as quickly as possible and expedite response and resolution.


The team had in place tools such as Slack, Jira, Google Docs, and email – each serving communication needs very well. However, the security team needed to be able to coalesce all the information contained in these communications in a timely and automated manner.

This was the key to better understanding the needs

of the incident, and to improving response efficiency

and efficacy.

Containment & Beyond

The company selected Exigence to help them get to containment faster than ever. Now they can gather the incident team in a matter of minutes vs. hours. With all relevant incident stakeholders in the Exigence Situation Room, they can organize an effective plan and share information throughout the process.


The Situation Room, thus, helps them ensure that everyone is always on the same page and removes a great deal of the load that is typically placed on the incident investigator.


Moreover, with the ease of documentation afforded by Exigence, the security team has eliminated the time that used to be wasted on documenting incidents (including false alarms), and have streamlined post-mortems by leveraging the Exigence Timeline.

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