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Exigence lets you 

show critical incidents 

who’s boss

and see it in action

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With Exigence you will resolve every critical incident with clarity, structure, and speed 

The Exigence platform gives you full control of critical incidents by uniquely addressing every aspect of the incident – turning an unstructured situation into one that is structured and easy to manage. ​


It coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, orchestrates complex workflows from trigger to resolution, simplifies the post-mortem,

and always leverages lessons learned for doing it even better next time.

The platform addresses multiple types of incidents, whether for technology operations, security, and for drills and business continuity tests – always with the same orchestration
and process efficiency. 

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How Exigence Commands a Critical Incident

Exigence automatically onboards and aligns the incident team


Incident is resolved & reporting is automated 


A critical incident is
detected & triggered
by Exigence


A critical incident is detected & Exigence
is triggered

Automated incident orchestration begins


Table-top simulations are enabled
for improving preparedness 


Integrated by Design 

Exigence can both execute critical incident management actions directly as well as integrate with all the trusted systems you have today and may have in the future:

A Platform that Delivers Simplicity & Clarity

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Simple and clear dashboard
of all incident management tasks and actions

Single, integrated interface
for managing every aspect of the incident

One centralized repository
for real-time knowledge access and management

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Available on all user devices,
including mobile phone, tablet, and desktop

Open and system agnostic,
connected via APIs with any organizational system 

SaaS-based (Amazon AWS)

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Take control of your

critical incidents

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