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A Tale of Two MSPs


Moderated by 

Andrew Morgan
Eric Tilds

Founder and 

Managing Member 

at techGC

Oli Thordarson

CEO at Alvaka

Ransomware recovery, cyber security

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The “Impact” of Incident Response Planning

The Ponemon Institute study on the Cyber Resilient Organization, found that 77% of respondents admit they don't have a formal incident response plan applied consistently across their organization. Nearly half say their plan is informal or nonexistent.

Statistically speaking, your MSP and/or your clients, will have one or more cyber incidents in the next 12 months. That said, will you and/or your clients be prepared, and what does prepared mean?


In this webinar, we will look at two MSPs, one that has well defined MSAs, SOWs and critical legal documents, and one that does not. We will review incident readiness and the necessary people, process and technologies that will provide the best opportunity for you and your client’s to be cyber resilient. We will discuss role of cyber insurance before during and after a cyber incident and what “good” incident preparedness and handling looks like.

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