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One powerful platform.

Multiple use cases.

Every incident solved with clarity, speed, and structure.

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The Critical Tale of Major Incidents

The Exigence platform addresses multiple types of incidents, including those relating to technology operations, security, and for drills and business continuity tests – and, always with the same level of orchestration prowess and exceptional process efficiency. 

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Multi-billion-dollar software giant drives incident management collaboration, clarity, & simplicity

Collaboration among internal and external teams enhanced, incident-related processes streamlined, and resolution accelerated.

McGraw-Hill Takes Control
of Critical Incidents with Exigence

McGraw-Hill Education takes control of incidents, expedites resolution, and streamlines the post-mortem.

How Thales Accelerates Incident

Resolution & Decreases Downtime

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing aligns incident teams faster than ever, optimizes communications, and accelerates incident resolution.

US-based provider of financial solutions takes incident management to a whole new level

How incident management efficiency was improved, errors reduced, and time to resolution accelerated.

DataScan transforms incident response & business continuity tests

See the many benefits of consolidating the 
full cycle of incident management into one tool.

Take control of your

critical incidents

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