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US-based provider of financial solutions  takes incident management to
a whole new level

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Our senior management team agrees – 
Exigence is instrumental to our incident response processes.

the Senior Incident Management Lead

The Goal

  • Improve incident management efficiency

  • Reduce process errors

  • Accelerate time to resolution

  • Improve communications

  • Orchestrate without any change management required due to high levels of integration with existing tools

A US provider of cloud-based financial services was looking to replace its highly manual process for incident management, which was error-prone, time intensive, and couldn’t scale to handle larger volumes of incidents

if needed.

It was also seeking a solution that would serve as a single source of truth for all incident related data and which would enable the team to manage the process through a single pane of glass. This is because toggling between screens to execute various tasks, such as data upload,

real-time chat, or sending updates, was a great burden.

The provider needed a more efficient, accurate, and automated solution for handling the major incidents that were impacting system performance, service operations, and the customer experience.

Why Exigence

The financial services provider came to Exigence
to implement its solution for automating incident management in the InfoSec department that handles cyber incidents, and in the cloud and engineering department which manages the services provided to customers.

The time from implementation to go-live was only at two months, ahead of expectations, and since then incident management has been completely transformed.
Multiple manual tasks have been automated, such as data capture and upload, with all incident related data now aggregated and centralized – for the first time – in a single source.

Not only has this freed up incident personnel to focus
on more strategic tasks
. It has also made it possible for them to rely on Exigence as the single source of truth for incident management, as well as to expedite the generation of postmortem reports and to assure unprecedented accuracy.


We evaluated nine different offerings with 75 questions on our RFP that need to be answered.

Out of the two or three who said they offer a single pane of glass, only Exigence had exactly what we needed.


We had a two-fold increase of incidents right after Exigence was deployed. And thanks to the platform we were able to handle them flawlessly.

We wouldn’t have been able to do that had we continued with our manual process.



Among the benefits that Exigence delivers are:

  • Reduced mean time to resolution 
    (MTTR), by automating key manual tasks

  • Handling multiple incidents at the same time

  • 80% less time for drafting communications, at 3 minutes vs. 15, by using role-based automated templates

  • Optimized communication efficiency without any change management required due to high levels of integration with existing tools

  • Insights gleaned from improved KPI monitoring, such as incident handling start/stop times


The Exigence-driven flow

A complex process that was never marked by clarity is now something that is straightforward and clear.


Getting the alert 

that an incident has occurred and requires attention

Opening a ticket 

in the ticketing tool,
launching Exigence

Exigence informing 

the incident team


incident response program head and the rest of the team

Exigence automatically 
opening bridges providing information, and paging out responders

Communicating efficiently throughout the incident,
as facilitated by Exigence

Uploading data to Exigence 
for audits, to assure SLAs are being met

Generating postmortems 

with one click as enabled

by Exigence


One of the biggest factors that sold us on Exigence was how flexible the platform is in addressing our different needs and the team’s ability to deliver on their promise in a very short time frame. No other vendor in my 35-year career has responded as fast.


About the Exigence Platform

The Exigence platform provides complete command and control of critical incidents, whether for technology operations, security, or drills and business continuity tests.


It uniquely addresses every aspect of the incident, going far beyond ticketing and alerting by integrating all of the organization’s incident related systems and providing a unified interface with automated workflows and orchestration.

The platform also automatically coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, manages complex processes from trigger to resolution, simplifying the post-mortem, and enables the organization to leverage lessons learned for ongoing optimization.

Through its unique approach to critical incidents with unprecedented integration and automation, Exigence turns an unstructured situation into one that is structured and easy to manage, delivering unmatched control, clarity, and speed.


About Exigence

Exigence was founded in 2016 in heart of the ‘Silicon Wadi’ in Israel. The Exigence team brings extensive experience in complex, cross-organizational workflows, optimizing operations, global IT and IS organizations, cloud-based computing, and ideating – developing – and bringing to market technology solutions for strategic business challenges.


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