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Multi-billion-dollar software giant 
drives incident management
collaboration, clarity, & simplicity

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Exigence simplifies and clarifies the whole incident management process for many different teams across the entire organization. Bottom line, when there’s an incident, everyone knows that there’s only one place to go to – and that’s Exigence.

Regional Head of Reliability Engineering

The Goal

  • Enhance collaboration before, during, and after an incident

  • Enable easy and secured collaboration with third-party vendors

  • Automate incident documentation and reporting

  • Integrate incident management with ServiceNow, Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, and more

  • Empower  software & DevOps engineers to troubleshoot in their own environment

A multi-billion-dollar,  global leader 

in SaaS-based and on-premise software solutions that power innovative digital experiences.

The Customer

A global giant in digital experience solutions was looking to replace their internal tool that was used for handling incidents such as outages, service degradation, data center connection loss, and more.


The incumbent tool was neither designed for incident management nor could facilitate the kind of collaboration that was required for assuring speed, clarity, and efficacy.


With a mission to enhance collaboration among internal and external teams, streamline incident related processes, and accelerate resolutions, the company set out to find the right solution for its needs.

The Need

Why Exigence

Led by the Regional Head of Reliability Engineering, whose teams oversee service management, change management, and incident management, the organization selected Exigence, as it was the only platform with:

  • Incident management-centric functionality

  • An easy-to-use interface

  • An intuitive and rich situation room that provides visibility into every aspect of the incident

  • Multiple out-of-the-box integrations, including Slack, Jira, conferencing, and other internal systems


We evaluated three solutions, including Exigence. The other two were eliminated rather quickly. Right after the demo, we saw that these tools were meant for managing events and alerts.

They were far from being incident management-centric and driven like Exigence, despite their claims.


Collaboration excellence

One of the most important decision-making factors in selecting Exigence was the high levels of collaboration that the platform enables before, during, and after incident handling is launched.


Instead of wasting ten minutes chasing and calling each person, all you need to do is to send a link to the Exigence Situation Room.


In two clicks, everyone who needs to be brought in and up to speed is there and in the know. When you’ve got 20 people on the team - that’s a lot of time you can save, freeing you up to focus on the fix instead of the chase.


Exigence enables incident handlers to easily upload graphs, images, logs, customer complaints, and any other related file directly to the Exigence Timeline, for easy documentation and access.


Once an incident is resolved, the incident handler’s job is not done. Relevant stakeholders hold review meetings to carefully go through all the documentation and reports, to understand what went well, what didn’t, and to gain insights for handling forthcoming incidents.


Without Exigence, the company would have to compile many different files, including PDFs, slide decks, spreadsheets, and more, from multiple sources  to learn exactly what happened and present findings during reviews.


With Exigence, all the files and updates are in one place, transforming an arduous, time consuming, manual task into one that is effortless and automated.


Sure, you can always upload files and updates to Slack and chat rooms. But then you have to scroll and scroll and hope to find what you’re looking for. With Exigence all you need is right there at your fingertips, giving you all the clarity you need, whenever you need it.


Management is very happy because now we have a single pane of glass for accessing all the information they need.

The Exigence advantage


anyone to the incident team 

in just two clicks


with vendors to resolve cloud 

related incidents


teams to focus 

on resolution vs. administration


and sharing insights in one click



every team across the organization to improve incident handling


incidents from becoming 

customer-impacting events

About the Exigence Platform

The Exigence platform provides complete command and control of critical incidents, whether for technology operations, security, or drills and business continuity tests.


It uniquely addresses every aspect of the incident, going far beyond ticketing and alerting by integrating all of the organization’s incident related systems and providing a unified interface with automated workflows and orchestration.

The platform also automatically coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, manages complex processes from trigger to resolution, simplifying the post-mortem, and enables the organization to leverage lessons learned for ongoing optimization.

Through its unique approach to critical incidents with unprecedented integration and automation, Exigence turns an unstructured situation into one that is structured and easy to manage, delivering unmatched control, clarity, and speed.


About Exigence

Exigence was founded in 2016 in heart of the ‘Silicon Wadi’ in Israel. The Exigence team brings extensive experience in complex, cross-organizational workflows, optimizing operations, global IT and IS organizations, cloud-based computing, and ideating – developing – and bringing to market technology solutions for strategic business challenges.


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