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How Thales 


Incident Resolution 

& Decreases Downtime

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“Exigence has inspired unprecedented responsiveness from diverse teams across 

the organization, helping us to reduce response times to a minimum.

Golan Madar, 
Director of Client and Service (Cloud) Operations Cloud Protection and Licensing activity at Thales

“The tools we were using 

for communications during incidents were siloed. This made coordinating people and actions very difficult.


We needed one centralized virtual workspace and to be able to automatically and immediately get everyone onboard, aligned, and continually updated. 


With Exigence that’s exactly what we get.”

The Goal

  • Leverage one unified application for all critical incident management functionalities

  • Accelerate incident team onboarding

  • Ensure seamless & timely communications throughout the incident, including with management

  • Make debriefing stakeholders and informing of corrective and preventative actions easy and efficient

The Need for Speed . . .
and Accuracy and Structure

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing is part of the Thales Group and a global leader in data protection, enabling organizations to protect and manage its most sensitive information - data, identities and intellectual property - wherever it is created, shared, or stored.


The team at Thales was looking to improve how it handles critical incidents by:

  • Accelerating alignment of cross-organizational and external incident management teams

  • Communicating regularly with management about each status update regarding incident resolution

  • Documenting every incident quickly, accurately, and seamlessly for future learning and optimization

The company was in need of a solution that could also offer one unified interface through which they could gather all incident stakeholders, whether from Engineering, Cloud Operations, Client Services, or other.


Before partnering with Exigence none of this was possible.


Instead, whenever a critical incident hit:


  • Multiple calendar invites would be sent to different people in and outside of the organization, multiple times, urging them to join calls and meetings

  • Emails were used ad hoc for updates

  • Spreadsheets were used for manually tracking action items


It could take hours to get people onboard, and in some cases key people were simply unreachable. 


This is not something you can afford to accept during a critical incident that will impact customers and the business.


Why Exigence

The Exigence platform was selected by Thales for being able to address all of their needs, and for being unique in enabling the team to:


  • Immediately align all stakeholders easily

  • Continually send automated updates to management throughout the incident, and eliminate uncertainties

  • Easily debrief stakeholders and management about the findings

  • Quickly share optimal corrective actions for forthcoming incidents

  • Recommend the preventative measures that should be put in place.

  • Onboarding P1 incident team within a few minutes vs. 1-2 hours

  • Triage time reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes

  • Streamlined & automated reporting to top management, with no more calls from managers requesting updates


The Result

  • Simple and clear dashboard of all incident management tasks and actions

  • One centralized repository for real-time knowledge access and management

  • Available on all user devices, including mobile phone, tablet, and desktop

  • Open and system agnostic, connected via APIs to any organizational system 

  • SaaS-based (Amazon AWS)

  • Seamless integration and optimization of all relevant incident management tools


“We tried and tested more than one solution. We found the Exigence platform to provide unmatched flexibility and agility, and to have an interface that is exceedingly intuitive and easy to use.”


Solution Highlights

About the Exigence Platform

The Exigence platform provides complete command and control  of critical incidents, whether for technology operations, security, or drills and business continuity tests.


It uniquely addresses every aspect of the incident, going far beyond ticketing and alerting by integrating all of the organization’s incident related systems and providing a unified interface with automated workflows and orchestration.


The platform also automatically coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, manages complex processes from trigger to resolution, simplifying the post-mortem, and enables the organization to leverage lessons learned for ongoing optimization.


Through its unique approach to critical incidents with unprecedented integration and automation, Exigence turns an unstructured situation into one that is structured and easy to manage, delivering unmatched control, clarity, and speed.


About Thales

Cloud Protection & Licensing

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing is a worldwide leader in data protection, enabling organizations to protect and manage its most sensitive information - data, identities and intellectual property - wherever it is created, shared or stored. Thales helps enterprises face decisive moments such as moving to the cloud securely, achieving compliance with confidence, and creating more value from software in devices and services used by millions of consumers every day. Whether it’s securing the cloud, digital payments, blockchain or the Internet of Things, the most respected brands and largest organizations around the globe rely on Thales to accelerate their digital transformation. Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing is part of Thales Group.


For more information go to:

About Exigence

Exigence was founded in 2016 in heart of the ‘Silicon Wadi’ in Israel. The Exigence team brings extensive experience in complex, cross-organizational workflows, optimizing operations, global IT and IS organizations, cloud-based computing, and ideating – developing – and bringing to market technology solutions for strategic business challenges.


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