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incident response 
& business continuity tests

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“We’re engaging people quickly without going through layers of red tape. Before Exigence, getting the right people into an incident often took hours. Now, it takes just minutes. We’re empowered to react very quickly and scale incident response, which is key."

Ben Traynor,
Director of Information Security

The Goal

  • Consolidate incident management into one tool

  • Streamline incident response workflows

  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of manual work

  • Accelerate resolutions

  • Advance security maturity

The customer

DataScan is an industry leader in providing solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management, with more than $80 billion of loan collateral in its systems and more than 225,000 audits conducted every year.

The need

DataScan’s InfoSec leadership was looking to help the organization advance its security maturity. 

It was clear that one of the main drivers for the success of this effort would be to take a whole new approach to incident response.


Before Exigence, the company had in place a number of tools for managing incidents and conducting business continuity tests. These included spreadsheets, instant messaging, emails, and more.

And because these tools were all separate and siloed, there were multiple inefficiencies which prolonged resolutions and created a lot of stress.


Why Exigence


“We looked at other tools. But none compared with how easy Exigence made it to gain the incident response functionality and efficiencies we were looking for. It’s not a complex, heavy tool. It’s very easy to set up and integrate, and brings great value.”

  • Onboarding and bringing all incident handlers and stakeholders up to date is easy and fast.

  • Integration with incident related tools is seamless and transparent.

  • Incident data protection is assured by being a closed and separate system.

  • There is one single point for all incident collaboration, communications, and data and evidence collection.

With Exigence:

Exigence was selected by DataScan’s InfoSec team for the task of transforming incident response and business continuity testing. Very quickly the solution came to be used across the entire organization, including IT, development, client facing teams, Legal, and more.


The platform today plays the central role in managing multiple types of incidents, running preparedness drills, and conducting frontline investigations.


“Our customers are banks. If a zero day is known in the wild, they will want evidence of what we’re doing to contain and remediate. We use Exigence as a very effective, thorough, and easy means for gathering all the required evidence and keeping it in one place. It’s a strategic single source of truth.”

The Exigence advantage

“You can consolidate everything in the Situation Room with the attachment feature. Being able to capture everything in one place is extremely helpful for users and investigators. You can even spin off different Situation Rooms for handling different aspects of the incident.”

  • The Situation Room for collaboration and documentation, serving as a single source of truth

  • Timelines for enabling anyone to come into the Situation Room at any point as the incident unfolds and to be quickly and easily be brought up to speed

  • Workflow configuration that is easy and intuitive

  • Multiple integration points, such as with Slack, text messaging, email, Zoom, and authentication via SSO

  • Easy to use and operationalize, by mirroring the interface to the organization’s tools of choice, whether for collaboration, such as Slack, or other

About the Exigence Platform

The Exigence platform provides complete command and control of incidents, whether for technology operations, security, or drills and business continuity tests. 

It uniquely addresses every aspect of the incident, going far beyond ticketing and alerting by integrating all of the organization’s incident management related systems and providing a unified interface with automated workflows and orchestration.

The platform also automatically coordinates all stakeholders and systems all the time, manages complex processes from trigger to resolution, simplifying the post-mortem, and enabling the organization to leverage lessons learned for ongoing optimization. 

Through its unique approach to incident management with unprecedented integration and automation, Exigence turns an unstructured situation into one that is structured and easy to manage, delivering unmatched control, clarity, and speed.

About Exigence

​Exigence was founded in 2016 in the heart of the ‘Silicon Wadi’ in Israel. The Exigence team brings extensive experience in complex, cross-organizational workflows, optimizing operations, global IT and IS organizations, cloud-based computing, and ideating – developing – and bringing to market technology solutions for strategic business challenges.

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