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A Financial Services Company Drives Business Continuity

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From Visibility to Improved Processes

A financial services organization was looking to streamline how it manages the critical incidents that hit their customer facing solutions, apps, and platforms.


In addition, they also wanted to be more efficient and effective in how they conduct and document business continuity planning (BCP) tests. They were seeking visibility for reviewing operational procedures after a pandemic or cyberattack alert has been issued, so they can observe team performance, and be able to arrive at informed conclusions on how to improve corrective processes.

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The organization selected Exigence, integrating it with Zoom, Slack, and New Relic. It is leveraging the Exigence Situation Room’s unified interface for incident command and control, collaboration, situation analysis, and reporting. 


The business continuity planning team runs the entire scenario through the Exigence platform, where the Situation Room automatically onboards and aligns all relevant stakeholders, automates reporting, and enables each test and incident to be documented with unprecedented ease.


A Familiar Situation (Room)


Take control of your

critical incidents

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