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Zoom app documentation

Adding Zoom to Exigence
  • In Exigence, go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Video Integrations, and start the integration by pressing the plus key (+). 

  • Select Zoom (OAuth 2.0) as a video conference platform.

  • Define the name for your new integration.

  • Authorize with a Zoom account for which you have already created an OAuth, or via a server-to-server OAuth application.

  • Following successful authorization, complete the integration by pressing the ‘Done’ button.

Inviting users to the Zoom conference room in Exigence
  • The Zoom video conference is created automatically.

  • This room is created when the Exigence incident goes to the Situation Room.

  • The Zoom video conference room in the Exigence Situation Room can be accessed by the users involved in handling the incident.


The email or text message that’s sent to users contains a link to a dedicated Zoom video conference room.


To get more detailed information about the Zoom conference room,

click on the right hand side of the video conference component


The email or text message that’s sent to users contains a link

to a dedicated Zoom video conference room.

  • To replace the video conference component with a meeting component in the Exigence Situation Room, a calendar event with the ‘Meeting’ component may be used. This can be done by the Exigence admin as follows: Settings > Advanced Configurations > Feature Configuration > Meetings) 

  • A calendar invitation with a link to a dedicated Zoom video conference room may be sent to those who are on the incident handling team. 

  • Following the calendar invite, an additional email or text with the link can be sent.

  • If there is an issue with the Zoom video conference application, a conference room for an incident cannot be created in Exigence. 

  • A message with the relevant information will appear in the video conference component.  

  • Should this occur, please contact your Exigence admin to reintegrate Zoom.

Removing Exigence from your Zoom account
  • Log into your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  • Click Manage > Added Apps, or search for the Exigence app.

  • Click the Exigence app.

  • Click Remove.

Removing Zoom from Exigence
  • Removing Zoom will disconnect the Zoom integration from Exigence.

  • This means that new Zoom video conference rooms cannot be created for new incidents.

  • Existing Zoom video conference rooms for open incidents will lose Zoom functionality.


Q. Can I add Exigence from the Zoom marketplace directly?

A. No, since the Zoom app needs to be associated with your Exigence account. To integrate Zoom to Exigence, you should start the installation process as described above.


Q. Can I integrate Exigence with multiple Zoom accounts/users?

A. Yes. For every integration Exigence can manage a pool of Zoom accounts.


Q. Can I remove a Zoom integration from Exigence?

A. Yes. In Exigence go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Video Integrations. Look for the video integration that you want to remove and delete it.

Contact support
  • You may reach out to us at

  • Exigence is available 24/7 for general inquiries.

  • For a technical support request, we respond within 24 business hours.

  • Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm US Eastern.

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