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Incident Response Planning for MSPs and MSSPs

Ensure incident readiness, accelerate response, meet regulatory & insurance demands

and see it in action

When it comes to security, the focus for MSPs and their clients has traditionally been prevention. But many overlook response and recovery. How can you be sure you’re taking the right actions to contain, resolve, and secure insurance coverage when something goes “boom”? Exigence makes incident response planning and management easy with their fully digitized and templated platform.”

Robert Cioffi,
CTO & Co-Founder, Progressive Computing

MSPs & MSSPs companies partnered with us

Entara Imagine IT

When the inevitable happens,
will you & your clients be ready?

Without Exigence
With Exigence

Who do I need to call and how do I reach them? Network is down, is my plan accessible?
Will the team take the right decisions & actions? How will we & our clients continue doing business?

Losing time chasing people

Not knowing for sure which actions to take
Clients losing sleep and confidence

Long time to resolution
Client suffers financial damage Client is frustrated
Insurance doesn’t cover losses

MSP MRR & reputation at risk

I know who to reach, how, and when
I can access the plan no matter what
My people know their roles and responsibilities

We know how to ensure business continuity

Onboarding responders in minutes

Taking the right actions immediately 

Bringing value, control, and confidence

Accelerated time to resolution

Minimized blast radius on losses
Client knows everything is under control

Insurance coverage maximized
MSP gains trust & grows the business

How Exigence makes it happen

The Exigence Incident Response Planning platform makes incident planning processes fast, reliable, repeatable, and profitable. The intuitive interface walks users through

a client
Reporting to regulators
& the insurance carrier

the different sections of the IR plan. It helps them fill out all the relevant parts quickly and accurately. The result is unprecedented efficiency in IR planning.

Selecting & adapting
a plan template

Designed for MSP success

Group 30.png
Key features

Multi-tenancy for supporting every client​

Plan availability even if the network is down

Secured access on a per plan basis

Seamless collaboration with any stakeholder

Playbook capabilities for your incidents

Group 28.png
Group 27.png
Powerful benefits

Reduce risk & liability for clients

Accelerate incident planning

Increase cyber maturity

Monetize a value-driving service

Centralize incident related data


See how multi-tenant IR planning and tabletops work

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